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Mon: $5.49   Special #2    

Tue:   .99c   Tacos (crispy)

Wed: $5.99   Enchiladas Supremes

Thur: .99c   Tacos (crispy)

Fri:   $6.49   Charrito Enchiladas

SAT:  $6.49   Enchiladas Verdes

SUN:  $6.99   Tacos Locos




Our specials are listed below but sometimes we offer a few other entrees you might like depending on the holiday/month. We would love to connect with you regularly so please like us on Facebook & "Check In" when you visit us.  You never know when an exclusive offer or coupon

may be posted! See you soon and Gracias Amigos! 

(417) 455-1444

3101 Lusk Dr. Neosho, Missouri 

Mon: $7.49  Enchiladas Rancheras  

Tue:  $7.99   Burrito Fiesta

Wed: $7.99    Burrito Mexicanos

Thur: $7.99  Enchiladas Mexicanos

Fri:   $10.49  El Charro Combo

SAT:  $10.99  Special Dinner

SUN:  $8.49    Enchiladas Verdes

Mon:  $2.99   Margarita Lime on the Rocks    

Tue:   $1.49   Budlight Draft 12oz

Wed:  $2.75   Imported Bottled Beer

Thur: $1.49   Budlight Draft 12oz

Fri & SAT:  Margarita Promotion Day    

       (Buy 1 Lime on the Rocks, Get 1 for 50% off) 

SUN:   $3.99   Pina Colada

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